De | Fysio is a young practice in this area and strives to offer, by applying the most recent developments and scientific evidence, efficient treatment that is suited to you personally. By working together with you for your recovery, I aim to give you the best possible physio treatment. Your body in my competent hands!

Let met introduce myself!

My name is Sarah Hudson.

I have worked with lots of different people, varying from young athletes to older patients requiring home visits. The combination of my knowledge, experience and vision means I regard the body as a whole when it comes to movement. This is why I have been able to develop a sharp eye for movements that might give away the true cause of the symptoms.

From the two university courses I followed I have developed broad knowledge and experience with sports injuries. As a result I was part of the paramedical team at Rugby Club DIOK in Leiden. I have also worked as a trainer/coordinator for the regional talent center of the Dutch Rugby Union.

I was born and raised in Leiden. After secondary school at Rijnlands Lyceum in Oegstgeest I trained as a PE teacher at the HALO (Hague University of Applied Sciences) in The Hague. There I learnt a lot about how to analyze movements and how to give instructions for movement. I also had the opportunity to experience a lot of sports as a participant. My interest for didactics, sports theory and sport psychology was born there.

After the HALO, I started studying Physiotherapy at the Leiden University of Applies Sciences in 2010. This course also encompassed a lot of internships in private and hospital based physiotherapy.

Besides physiotherapy I busied myself with management of the Mens 1st team at Rugby Club DIOK playing at the highest level nationally. I also contributed to the development of policies for the medical staff at the rugby club. Furthermore I have devoted time to work with the MoBro Rugby charity teams at home and abroad. Outside of sports and management I enjoy spending time with friends and family and have developed a keen interest in the outdoors.

Though I was born and raised in Leiden my surname betrays my British heritage. While at home I speak English I am also fluent in Dutch.