Physical complaints can range from back pain, stiff necks to shoulder problems and from twisted ankles, knee pain to sprained wrists to name but a few. For many complaints, physiotherapy is the solution and can aid the speedy recovery and resumption of daily life. The physiotherapist can give you exercises or apply certain techniques to reduce the complaints and improve the recovery.

Our approach

De | Fysio works from the perspective that the body, mind and environment are in a cooperative union, which means that each factor of the triangle can affect the other two parts of the triangle. This approach is called the biopsychosocial approach. This means that factors such as stress, diet or posture can affect the way the body recovers from injury or overuse. At De | Fysio we'll work during the treatments with you and if necessary, engage experts from the relevant fields to create the best situation your recovery.

From cause to solution.

At De | Fysio we like to get to the root of the problem. Frequently the cause of an injury is obvious - a fall from a bike, a missed step on a set of stairs, or starting sports too fanatically. But sometimes some complaints aren't so clear cut and can come and go over a longer period of time but can have a big effect on your day-to-day life and its quality. There is no point in simply treating a complaint without taking away the cause of the complaint. By working from this perspective, we offer an insight and an understanding of the underlying causes of the problems and a solution to prevent recurrence.

Post surgery/fracture recovery

After surgery your surgeon might refer you for physiotherapy to aid in the speedy return to everyday activities. By setting out a recovery plan, which frequently set out together with your orthopaedic surgeon, De | Fysio offers a guiding hand and active help on the road to full recovery and resumption of your daily activities, work and sports.


De | Fysio has the option of making use of techniques like kinesio-taping to help improve your recovery. This can be done as an aid to enable recovery or as an addition to the treatment. There is no extra charge for the use of kinesio-taping.

Second opinion

At De | Fysio we offer the option of a one-off consultation for a second opinion.