If you have a supplementary insurance, with a contracted health insurer, that includes physiotherapy (perhaps only for a limited number of sessions), the costs of physiotherapy are settled directly with your insurance company. You may still have to pay some of the costs.

For home visits by the physiotherapist you need to either have a specific referral note from your family doctor or specialist or you will be charged separately for such visits.

If you have no supplementary insurance that covers physiotherapy, you will be charged for all visits to the physiotherapist.

De | Fysio charges the following rates per session.

Screening, intake & examination: € 50,85

Intake & examination after referral: € 46,35

Regular physiotherapy session: € 39,55

Physiotherapy at your home address: € 50,85 *

Missed appointment: € 33,90

Second opinion: € 62,15

*only reimbursed if this is requested by a doctor (referral note needed) and approved by your health insurer.